About Us

Height Lift Increases Your Height And Confidence Instantly! 

Our products use the latest 2019 Technology developed to effectively increase your height in a quick and easy way. We are big believers in genuine self-improvement, but sometimes its OK to use a few shortcuts! Our expertly designed insoles are created for long term wear, ease, comfort and peace of mind. Our features and benefits are plenty, from our orthopedic designed cushion, air-bubble-wedge insert, to our perforated edges and heel pockets!
Our products are user friendly and affordable. We seek out and offer products that we personally use and believe in, and that earn our stamp of approval.

We're Backed By Our Confidence

We offer a full 30 day satisfaction guarantee on all of our products sold here on The Height Boost. We look forward to earning your business.

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Contact us anytime: support@theheightlift.com