Top 5 Most Despised Pests That Make Your Life Impossible

It’s not a secret that most of us despise bugs, critters, and pests in general. There are many reasons to do so including the fact that pests live to destroy the wellbeing of our home.

Below you will find the five most despised pests and all the reasons why homeowners should be aware of them.

5) Termites

Even if these small pests are helpful to our ecosystem, termites can do irreversible damage to any wood structure, including a house.

Statistics show that termites are capable of producing damage up to $5 billion annually so including them on our list couldn’t make more sense.

4) Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are capable of finding their way into a home easily while taking over our beds, furniture, and carpeting. What’s more awful about bed bugs is that they’re able to feed from human blood so imagine the horror of waking up in the middle of the night with something crawling on you to bite.

3) Mosquitoes

The constant buzzing, the biting and the fact that you can find them just about anywhere make mosquitoes some of the most despised and problematic insects.

The fact that mosquitoes also can spread diseases requires absolute protection from these harmful pests.

2) Wasps

A wasp nest near your home means absolute trouble for you and your family.

Not only are wasps hard to get rid of but if you bother them, they’ll most likely launch an immediate attack that can be fatal.

Wasps have an aggressive nature and they won’t hold back if they feel like their nest or colony is in danger.

1) Cockroaches

Even if cockroaches are not deadly, they’re the most despised pests on earth by far.

We awarded them the number one spot in our top due to the creepiness of these pests. Wouldn’t you agree?