Common Pests That Are More Active During The Winter

Winter time usually means that most pests will go into hibernation while searching for a warm place to survive the cold weather.

Unfortunately for us, these three common pests become more active during the winter time while forcing their way into our homes for food and shelter.

3) Rodents

Whatever we do, rodents will always test our houses for weak points just so they can get a free meal or a warm place to settle in. This means our garages, attics or any place that has a mark of grease or anything food-wise.

During winter time, rodents become more desperate to set a new camp so if the cold weather approaches, be sure to be on a lookout for a possible rodent invasion.

2) Cockroaches

While being some of the most resistant and adaptable pests, cockroaches will take no second thoughts when it comes to infesting your home to escape the harsh conditions outside.

Cardboard boxes in your garage or any unsealed space in your kitchen are the favorite spots for cockroaches and the worst news is that if you saw one, there are more where it came from.

1) Bed Bugs

Being one of the most harmful pests for us humans, bed bugs can easily be transferred from a hotel, the airport or just any public place we visit on a constant basis.

During the winter time, bed bugs can hide and lay their eggs under the carpet or into the walls in order to survive for the next season.