9 Tips To Prevent Pests From Hiberating In Your House During The Winter

The arrival of cold weather means that insects will begin searching for a new place to hibernate. Unfortunately for many of us, our homes will become targets of these aggressive invaders as they’re searching for an insect-friendly habitat.

Below we’re going to list ten effective ways to prevent a pest infestation in your home.

9) Clean everything that was outdoors

Wash and clean everything that spent the summer outdoors. This can include everything from clothes to live plants.

8) Check your chimney cap

Inspect your chimney cap before winter settles in and if you don’t have one, considering installing a chimney to prevent insects, squirrels and raccoons from entering your home.

7) Roof vents

Double-check the roof vents to make sure everything is secured. If not, you might find a nasty surprise inside your home in the form of Wasps or Yellow Jackets.

6) Basement inspection

Check and clean your basement if you want to be 100% certain that no insect invasion will take place during next spring time. Five out of ten cases, insects are found in the basement when it comes to home infestations.

5) Foundation

Check any exterior wall and the foundation for cracks and holes. If you’re lucky enough to have a solid foundation, make sure that no plant is reaching your house and the foundation is above the soil line.

4) Vents and exhaust fans

All vents and exhaust fans need to be carefully inspected before winter settles in. You can begin with your bathroom, and check every room in the house, the kitchen and the garage.

3) Cables

If possible, inspect every single cable related to heating, plumbing and every ventilation item that passes through the walls. Everything needs to be sealed in order to have total protection from a possible insect invasion.

2) Windows

Be sure to check if your windows close properly otherwise insects will most likely force their way inside your home through the cracks.

1) Doors

Pay some extra attention to your garage door and install new door sweeps if needed. The easiest way to check if there’s anything wrong here is to close the doors from inside the garage and check if there’s any light peeping from outside.

If there is, then you most likely need to take care of that in order to prevent any possible infestation.